Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why Four?

This is a question I got a lot yesterday. It's a very valid question that I have no problem answering. Four embryos does seem like a lot to transfer, so I'll explain the reason we did it. First off, if you don't know a lot about IVF about half of the embryos arrest(stop growing) between day 3 and day 5. So with doing a day 3 transfer there is more unknown about the potential for them to become a baby. Also, last cycle all our embryos, but 1 arrested between day 3 and day 5. Our doctor felt our risk of high order multiples(3 or more)is extremely low(1% or less) given our history. He felt comfortable with this, so me and Tim did as well. It's one of those situations where you have to weigh the risk/benefit ratio. Is this a good risk for someone that's it's there first cycle? No. But for us with known egg and sperm quality issues, we felt it was a risk worth taking.
I am already driving myself crazy wondering if this is going to work or not, it's going to be a long 11 days!

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