Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stims day 5

Yesterday morning I had u/s and labs done. This big follicle (they are calling it a cyst) they said there's probably no egg in there, it is getting bigger. They are definitly going to aspirte it on Friday. They didn't do it yesterday, because he said it'll be easier if we let it get a little bigger. I'm am ALL for easier and a less painful procedure! But, because of it they already want we to start ganirelix tonight (this stops premature ovulation). I just hope everything goes okay tomorrow and they can drain that stupid cyst, and move on with the cycle. That thing is just being a pain in the ass right now!
So far I'm feeling okay a little woozy and very tired, but nothing that isn't tolerable. I tried to go for a walk and that failed, I got too far away and felt awful and had to take a long break before coming back...I shoud've known better.
We are doing a day trip tomorrow, then coming up on Saturday and staying in a hotel until after the egg retrieval. We found this great place last cycle that has medical rates of only $54/night and takes pets! I am so thankful that Tim works in IT and can work remotly. We are also bringing our dog Maggie again which is great:D


  1. Maggie likes hotels! I'm glad she can be with you guys:)

  2. Hey, I just found your blog from Laural's page. Your one amazing gal for going through all of this and I hope it all works out!!! If you guys need anything while your up here let us know. We have a quest room if you get sick of the hotel or even dinner one night would be great! Just facebook me or have tim call chad!