Sunday, March 14, 2010

Started Stims tonight!

First off, it is well worth the money to stay in a hotel when we drive over to Spokane. We stayed with our sister in law at her apartment and ALL night we listened to her drug addict neighbour screaming at her boyfriend. It was on and off every 20 minutes. Then this morning when we were leaving for the doctor, she was outside in her underwear yelling for him to give her her pants. I have no idea how she puts up with this everyday!
Anyway...went in for baseline labs and ultrasound and I had 20 atrial follicles (small undeveloped follicles). I was so happy with this, last time I only had 3 on each side! When the nurse called me later she said I had a larger follicle developing that shouldn't be yet. My estrogen was a little higher than they'd like because the follicle is producing hormones. They said I'm at a higher risk of a premature LH surge (all the eggs prematurely releasing-VERY bad). On Wednesday when I go back for the first follie check they may have to aspirate it. I've never had this done, but it doesn't sound very pleasant! It would be ultrasound guided and they basically suck it out with a needle. I'm a little worried, and hope this doesn't become a problem! I'd hate to get this far just to get canceled. Well, I'm on a much lower dose of meds than they thought because of my high Areal follicle count. So tonight we did 150 units of FSH and a vial of Menapur (which stings like a sob).
I'm hoping for the best on Wednesday! I'd like to avoid the aspiration if at all possible!

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