Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm slow

The cyst is here to stay, but since it's not crowding out the other follicles he said they're going to leave it. Fine by me. I'm happy to avoid getting that drained! We went through some drama before that was decided, they thought I'd get canceled or end up with a very low number of eggs. We paid for 3 cycles so I really didn't want to waste a cycle if we were only going to get a few. I was so incredibly stressed and felt like throwing in the towel with this cycle. I really just wanted a re-do. Of course I did way to much google-ing on cysts that produce estrogen, and freaked out when I kept reading over and over that most doctors wait to start cycles until after these cysts have been absorbed. It's really hard sometimes, but I just have to remember to trust them and know that they really do have my best interests at heart. Those poor nurses, they've all seen me cry...Well I'm sure it's not the first time a patient has cried to them.
Things are progressing well, I'm just a couple days behind. I'm always a little slow at these things it seems. I have at least 6 follicles on each side. The largest measure between 15-17. He likes to see them around 20 by trigger. I am still on 150 of FSH, 1 vial of menopur, and 1 ganirelix every night.
I am feeling good as long as I don't try and do too much. My poor belly is covered with track marks and bruises. It's getting tough to find a clear path for the shots. They're starting to hurt more, but I know there's just a couple days left now.
I got back on Thursday and I hope I'm ready to trigger that night!

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