Monday, April 19, 2010

First ultrasound/update

Today we had our first OB ultrasound. I felt like I did right before I took the pregnancy test. Sick with worry,not wanting to know the truth yet no matter what it was. I wanted to remain blissfully ignorant for a little while longer. I knew that wasn't a possibility. We got the the office early and they were waiting on us. I'm glad things moved so quickly, it didn't give me time to sit in the waiting room to ponder. The tech asked me if they had a guess how many babies were in there, I told her I'm pretty sure just one because of my beta levels. Again things happened so fast I didn't have time to worry. I wasn't even looking at the screen and she said right away. Yup there's one! Then I could look! We saw the gestational sac and yolk sac. She said everything looked great. The only thing that worried me a little was that the sac measured a few days behind from where it should be. She didn't seem worried at all, and said "congratulations, looks like you're going to have a Christmas baby!". I heard from the nurse at my doctor's office and she said my beta is up to 2275 (we "needed" it to be at 1700). That made me feel a hell of a lot better. She said that when the sac is so small it easy to measure it a little off, and that I'll probably be just fine. I'm a worrier though, and I think with everything we've been through I'm just waiting for the bad news to come. Tim is so positive and sure that everything will be just fine. Most of the time I love that but sometimes I just want to smack him and say "shut up and let me freak out, I'll be fine in a few minutes." Our next ultrasound will be next Monday (Tim's bday). We may or may not be able to see a heartbeat by then. For now we have just another week to wait!

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  1. Yeah...great news! Congrats! And stop worrying about bad had that last round.