Sunday, February 14, 2010

First of Many Early Mornings

My doctor is about 2 hours from home, and last cycle in September we stayed in a hotel a lot. About 12 nights in all. It got so old not being home, and sitting in the hotel room most of the day. So....this time we decided to do many day trips instead. This morning I had to be there at 7am for labs, so we got up at 4am and made the drive. 4 hours in the car to be there for 5 minutes! I know it's just what we have to do, but man that was early! I know it's worth it because when we start our cycle I'll only have to go in every other day and it'll be nice to be home.

I did get my calendar and should start stims on March 14th. I'm excited for another shot at this, but not sure I'm ready for the needles again. Even though Tim is great at giving shots, I think he was a nurse in a past life :)
This cycle what we are doing different is we're starting at a higher dose of follistim(350 iu/day) and adding a vial of menapur daily. Also after retrieval they are putting me on estrogen along with the pio(progesterone in oil) because last time me estrogen went from 3200 to 36 in 2 wonder I turned into a raging bitch for a couple days overnight!

Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day :)

p.s. isn't that a great way to end a post: from raging bitch to Happy Valentine's day!

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